Congratulations to our Brother Robert Swanson for earning his Eagle & Rocker January 17, 2021


Congratulations to our Brother  Robert Swanson awarded his Eagle & Rocker January 17, 2021

Newest Member Mr. Rick Miller AKA "MUFFIN MAN" recieving his Boot Patch Welcome Aboard! October 16, 2016

Congratulations to Mrs. Sara Zielesch for receiving her Boot Patch May 22, 2016

Mr. Robert Zielesch recieving his Boot Patch April 17, 2016 Thank You for you support to our Chapter!!


Congratulation to John Brazaski for earning his Eagle & Rocker on 11-22-15 & for becoming a new Board Member !


Congratuulations are in order to Linda Farnsworth! She recieved her Eagle & Rocker today 7/19/15 during our annual picnic.


Chapter celebration today Robin Buckner received her Eagle & Rocker! Congratulations Robin 6-07-15

We celebrate as our newest member Paula Stolz earned her Boot Patch toaday 3-15-15  Congatulations!!


Rob Rennie receiving his Eagle & Rocker today October 19, 2014 during our membership meeting. Congratulations Brother!

Congratulations to Mary Nelson for earning her Eagle & Rocker August 17, 2014


(Big Don) Robert Rodgers recieving his Eaglae & Rocker on July 20th, 2014  Please wear with Honor & Pride


Congratulations to Robin Buckner for earning her Chapter Boot Patch today during our membership meeting June 08, 2014


Linda Farnsworth received her boot patch this month 5/4/14  Congratulations

Congratulations to Mr. Chuck Carr & Mr. Larry Wendt for their dedication and comintment to our chapter over the past year! They have earned their Eagle & Rocker at this months membership meeting on 1/19/14

Congratulations are in order to Mr. Robert Rennie for earning his boot patch this month. We THANK YOU for your past service to our country and your support to our chapter!

Mr. Jim Defever & Mr. Herb Cross received their Eagle & Rocker during our membership this month 9/08/13  Thank you for both for your continued support to our chapter and it's mission!

Congratulations go out to Mary & Fred Nelson. Mary received her Boot Patch on 8/18/13 and Fred earned his Eagle & Rocker during our membership meeting in July 7/21/13


We would like welcome and congratulate Mr. Don Rodgers for  earning his Boot Patch 7/21/13

Congratulations are in order to Brenda Wilson for earning her Eagle & Rocker. 5/5/13


Great work Chris & Maria Bell for earning your Eagle & Rocker this month 4/21/13




Congratulations to Glen Zaring earning his boot patch during our membership meeting 3/17/13 

Larry Wendt has earned his boot patch 1/17/2013  Congratulation!







Charles Carr earning his boot Patch 1/20/13  Congratulations!



Brenda Wilson receiving her Boot Patch 3/18/12 Welcome

Maria & Chris Bell recieving their Boot Patches 2/19/12